Understanding the Psychopathy of Ritual Abuse and the War on Consciousness

A common secret interest in all of these groups (cults), one that is well known among elite circles, is ancient masonic worship. Involving ritual, torture, pedophilia and sacrifice, they worship Satan (Saturn). Yet on the outside they pose as religious and political leaders, actors, musicians, teachers, public servants, doctors, new-agers, and activists against the very crimes they commit!

Obama-IlluminatiA squeaky clean image must be maintained, even a public one, so as not to arouse suspicion in the community. But the root of that deception goes deeper; in Satanism, everything is reversed. If they are animal activists, then they are likely the animal abusers, if they say they love children, then they likely abuse children. This is how they operate. Up is down, war is peace, restriction is freedom, black is white.

A few pages from a Satanic Bible explains their beliefs quite clearly  HERE and another version HERE.

For a normal citizen, it is difficult to wrap ones head around all this ritualistic worship, so I decided to dig further into Satanism, and it didn’t take too long to came across pages of a published Satanic Bible. What I read sent chills up my spine, but the teachings were exactly what is being practiced by these dark cults. While it seems there are quite a few different sects, their core belief system is the same.

While it is difficult to comprehend why so much emphasis is put into such sadistic and prolonged rituals of torture, rape and drinking of blood, but some disturbing research into the philosophies of Satanism reveals beliefs and practices that directly correlate to the stories of abuse recounted by victims and whistleblowers the world over.

The Blood & the Pineal Gland

In Satanism it is said that drinking the blood and taking the soul gives the recipient life, especially the purest soul of a newborn baby. The torture and sexual energy prior to death is said to release a chemical in the blood which brings enlightenment and longevity to the recipient.

Many Satanic rites and techniques are aimed at gaining control of this organ and the fluid it produces: the live melatonin. When the  pineal gland is highly activated, it is thought to produce a secretion of similar chemistry to psychoactive compound  DMT  (learn more here.) This secretion is grotesquely referred to  by Satanists as the ‘elixir of life’ or the ‘elixir of immortality’, and is believed to grant the drinker eternal life and/or eternal;  that is to be freed from the cycle of birth and death, hence “liberated”.

It is widely believed that the members of the super-secret society Skull & Bones, to which both George Bush and his son belong, engage in a ceremony called “The Obscene Rite”, which involves the consumption of the fresh pineal secretions of a human or animal sacrifice (there are believed to be elements which only exist in live human glandular manufacture).

The ‘elixir’ is the chemical secreted  by the body at the utmost point of terror – which is why ritual torture is prolonged – and  also at the point  just before orgasm. In that state of terror,  the brain is most receptive to trauma-based mind-control  techniques and the most prone to personality splitting. Multiple Personality Disorder is commonly the result of intense trauma; it is the brain’s attempt to protect itself from its incomprehensible reality. As the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program has demonstrated, this kind of trauma can create persistent personality ‘compartments’ that are  easily manipulated, and of which the victim is not necessarily even aware.

The core of Satanism is about the manipulation and theft of another’s energy and consciousness.  Known in ancient times as “soul snatching”. It may appear to be merely a sickening perversion, but those who truly understand the background to the rituals know that what really matters is the effect of the rituals, not so much the rituals themselves. Sex is so common in Satanic ritual because at the moment of orgasm, the body explodes with energy which the Satanists can capture and absorb.

The same rule of lore can be associated with the ‘Collective Consciousness‘ also known as the ‘Flower of Life’ , that lies in the ionosphere grid around the planet.  This is an energy grid mirrored 60 miles above the songlines/leylines on earth – ‘As Above, So Below’.

earth_grid_ley_lines        4f2c8c39131812af95230c423ebf369913d125f3-d69e-400d-9cd1-f3a3a2ed6afb.1.10

The knowledge of these grids go back to ancient times, with pyramids placed on the grid cross points, known as Sacred Places and portals to other dimensions.  Most cultures have traditions and words to describe the straight, often geometric alignments that ran across ancient landscapes, connecting both natural and sacred prehistoric structures together.   One wonders if the ancient symbol of the cross (seen today on most church buildings), relates to landscape markers of the grid cross points, and the possibility that Christ who died on the cross, actually is a metaphor for mans dying consciousness?  Note, the symbol of the cross is a very ancient symbol, used in all ages, in all religions, by all peoples.

Usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of ‘spirit’, ‘dream’, or ‘energy  paths’ They were used to indicate the life giving wisdom with the primal element of earth, taking place through the energy grids which are tools for transposing energy in to life.   Our molecular bodies and human consciousness live with in the Grid. The study of Grid is called Geomancy and Geomency means divination of Earth’s secrets. The Grids are huge Energy Vortex which represents the Geometry of Consciousness, the Electromagnetic Ordering of Life Code.   If the collective consciousness grid around earth is in a negative low vibration, the lives of man reflect this consciousness.

This unconventional movie/documentary explores the bold work of South Australian man George Kavassilas. George is an ordinary man with a lifetime of extra-ordinary experiences. Along with others, their mission is to inform Humanity about the changes that are occurring on the Planet, and the more significant changes that are to come.

An amazing researcher Freddy Silva, leads us into an exploration regarding the Ancient temples that deliberately mirror and enhance the inherent forces of nature. They are permanent representations of nodes of energy, leading to their recognition as places of power. Using a combination of geomancy, sacred geometry and earth magic, ancient priests first located energy hotspots that influenced spiritual conduct, then selected the most effective locations and designs for temples, which in turn influenced entire countries and the people who dwelled there. Adding astronomy and geology, sacred sites became the meeting places of heavenly and earthly power. And although used for healing, divination and calendrical purposes, ultimately the temples were used as gateways through which one can experience the subtle Otherworld.

This knowledge is nothing new… the ancient Egyptians used frequency and vibration to heal…. the elite know this, and use it against us,  keeping us subdued in a low vibration, ultimately affecting our consciousness and DNA.  Learn about Schumann Resonance HERE

This knowledge explains the magic behind satanic rituals in chambers under prominent buildings (ie churches – which are built on the crossings of the grid lines). By terrorising the victim, via torture and using the sexual energy of rape, this energy is then taken into the  grid lines (ley lines and ionospheric lines)… keeping humanity sandwiched in a negative and helpless consciousness… it is the elites major mechanism of control.   If people were to raise their vibration, in a fearless collective consciousness, one based in love… the collective grid will strengthen, ultimately healing mans mind and DNA, thus loosening the elites grip on humanity.

The power is in each and every one of us.


by Sonya van Gelder


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